Condo Gets Outfitted with Automated Cutting-Edge Electronic Systems

RTI control system unifies the operation of a huge assortment of smart devices to make home management a breeze.

At a retrofit installation in Little Rock, Ark., residents were looking to implement a solution that would provide their 2,430-square-foot condo with a customized automation experience where scenes could automatically adjust systems such as lighting, security, shading, and a wide range of A/V components. To bring this vision to life, the home systems integration team at Little Rock-based FX Pros LLC went with RTI’s lineup of powerful control and automation products. By combining advanced processor technology with convenient and simple-to-master user interfaces, FX Pros designed a smart home setup that enabled the homeowners to more easily manage their new cutting-edge abode.

Sophisticated Yet Simple:

“A complex integration project doesn’t have to mean difficult operation for the user,” says Jeff Jenkins, owner of FX Pros. “For these homeowners the main concern was keeping things as simple as possible while pulling out all the stops in terms of fluid automation of shades, lights, thermostats, security cameras, fans, and a full range of top-of-the-line A/V equipment. RTI’s automation solutions maintain simplicity while blending seamlessly within any environment, which is crucial during residential projects where clients actively participate in the design process. Thanks to the ability to program custom interfaces and integration with third-party devices the residents simply push a single button to set up scenes to match any mood, environment, or time of day.”

Setting the Scene

[rk1] By using RTI’s Integration Designer software, the Jenkins was able to program a selection of pre-determined scenes that with the push of a single button transform the entire living experience. Using presets such as “Morning,” “Welcome,” “Goodbye,” and “Condo Off,” the system automatically regulates smart home components such as the main room’s QMotion shades and lights in the kitchen or hallway, or instantly activates the TV while turning on the news. Facilitated by RTI’s extensive library of pre-written two-way drivers, the wide-range of systems also incorporates a Sonos wireless sound system, Lutrondimmers, Nest Learning Thermostats, a SnapAV Wirepath IP surveillance camera, and more.

Versatile Home Control

 To interact with the system in the condominium’s entrance and master bedroom, household members use RTI KX7 in-wall touchpanels. Featuring 7-inch LCD screens, they provide an intuitive touchscreen experience by letting users select unified scenes or functions such as shades, colored RGB lighting, a bedroom TV, or live security camera feeds.  From the kitchen or main room, RTI’s RK1+ four- and eight-button keypads provide the homeowners with instant command of a 60-inch TV, a Comcast X1 DVR, and the ability to engage scenes that impact the entire residence. For handheld control in the master bedroom and main bathroom, RTI’s T1-B+ remote control can transmit both IR (infrared) and RF (radio frequency) signals to a full range of A/V components, while a wall-mounted iPad mini running RTI’s RTiPanel mobile app provides access to any system across the entire home.

Processing Power

Tying the entire installation together is RTI’s XP-6 and XP-8s control processors. Featuring control via RS-232, relay, IP, and routable IR, these solutions provide the reliability and processing speed needed to orchestrate the operation of a diverse assortment of equipment. Although the processors are critical to the seamless operation of the home, they remain completely out of sight, hidden in a TV cabinet.

“The flexibility of RTI’s solutions allowed us to provide our customers with the automation experience they expected,” adds Jenkins. “With no more than two page flips on any device, RTI’s intuitive ecosystem lets the condo owners access all facets of their system without any technical knowledge or ‘component confusion.’ This was particularly important for features such as the space’s large number of switches, including over 50 individual lighting loads that could have been overwhelming on a less functional system. The customers are pleasantly surprised at how easily every system on their list came together, proving once again that simplicity does not need to compromise integration possibilities, power, or overall performance.”