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Stylish Man Caves

Dreaming of a man cave? Let your mind wander here.

Smart Mirror

Need to call your friend while you put in your contacts? A company called Viio has created mirrors that let you chat through your mirror.

Extensive Home Pre-Wires

Why extensive home pre-wires are "in" again. Find out here.

Smart Home Hackers?

Are hackers checking out your home? 6 key tips for keeping them out of your smart home.

Home Automation

The benefits of home automation include savings and convenience. Find out how it could benefit you!

Smart Home vs. Connected Home

Is a smart home and a connected home the same thing? Find out here.


How Thin Can They Go?

Introducing Leon UX: Our Thinnest, Best Sounding Speakers, Ever.

Salamander Touch Mounts

Salamander EZ-Touch mounts work with your interactive display to deliver effortless and intuitive transitions reliably.

Crestron & Sonos, a Perfect Marriage

You can now make your smart Crestron home work seamlessly with your Sonos smart speaker system. Control Sonos from Crestron touchscreens, remotes, keypads, and more
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