Golf Simulator

Golf Simulation

Play the top courses in the world using your own clubs and balls without the worry of a rain-out. Challenge your friends to a long-drive contest. Improve your accuracy with the swing analysis system. Your Ultimate Simulator offers over 80 of the world’s finest courses from around the globe, and a practice zone that you need to experience to believe. Your Ultimate Golf Simulator is custom designed to appeal to your personal aesthetic. It’s built to last, creating a unique environment that your whole family can embrace. Your Ultimate Golf Simulator is designed to transform in a matter of minutes into a racecar or cycling simulator, an all immersive video game platform, or home theatre. Your Ultimate Golf Simulator is the centerpiece of your personal entertainment oasis…Your Ultimate Playroom.

Home Theater System

Home Theatre

Push a button, dim the lights and start a Hollywood release. Escape to your own dedicated home theatre. Whether it’s a media area of your family room, or a dedicated room, the home cinema is an oasis that is designed to rock the house with surround sound that will make you feel as though you’re part of the action, where you can sit back, put up your feet and escape, while you watch your favourite show, the big game or the latest release on DVD or media server. Acoustic isolation will keep sounds from transferring in and out of the room so enjoy anytime day or night.

Pool Table

Traditional Games

Furnish your Ultimate Playroom with traditional gaming tables. When getting together with your friends and family, ante up to a little nine ball or just relax around the bar, you want the best there is… hand-crafted furnishings that are meant to last . Round out your table games with Shuffleboard, Foosball and Table Hockey. Top off your Ultimate Playroom with a professional quality dart board. Whether your style is traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between, your Ultimate Playroom furnishings will project your personal style.

Electronic Gaming

Electronic Gaming

Bigger IS Better. Complete Your Ultimate Playroom with the best video game experience imaginable. Play on the huge screen available from Entertaining Interiors.

Add your game systems to the Ultimate Playroom where big screen gaming puts YOU in the action. Create an immersive experience that will make you feel like you’re in the game. Play head to head, in person or online. Play first person shooters with life-sized avatars. Jam out with your own, virtual Rock & Roll band.

Sports games come to life on the big screen. Be part of the action in hockey, basketball, football or baseball games. Hurtle around a NASCAR oval or a Formula 1 race circuit with a force feedback wheel, pedals and racing seat.

When you want to get your groove on with a dance game, or fitness session, your video game system will get you moving .

Set up video conferencing and meet with family, friends and business associates on Skype.

Racecar & Cycling Simulation

racecar & Cycling simulation

Add to your simulation experience with your own Ultimate Racecar and Ultimate Cycling Experience. Your Ultimate Racecar Simulator brings you right into the racing action with thousands of cars and tracks. Much more than just a video game, you are immersed into a simulation so real that you feel like you’re in a real car, in a real race. Feel the excitement of piloting a Formula 1 racecar in the world’s foremost race circuits, or the thunder of competing on the high-banked NASCAR track. Engulf yourself in the multi-sensory feedback and motion that will make you believe you’re competing on a real track. Ultimate Cycling will take you through some of the most famous cycling courses in the world. Excellent for off season training or preparing for the next extreme vacation.