Whole Home Automation

Home Automation

Today’s home is an entertainment and communications marvel, with video displays throughout the home, hidden speakers providing music for every occasion, smart phones, tablets and computers for every member of your family. Properly designed systems are simple to operate, providing entertainment and communications throughout the home for every occasion. Music and videos stream over the internet, purchased online, and are stored on media servers and network attached hard drives. Video game centers allow you to play single and multi-player games, whether it’s bowling with your family or playing online, with your virtual community.


Lighting Design & Control

Lighting Design

Add shimmer to your beautifully decorated home with lighting control, while benefitting from the energy settings and extended lamp life achieved by dimming the lights even as little as 10%. Turn off all your home’s lights at the end of the day with the touch of a single button, or have them turn off automatically. With a lighting control system, you can customize lighting scenes for your everyday activities, such as formal and casual dining, entertaining or relaxing. Control all of your systems from wall mounted keypads and touch panels, from your smart phone, tablet or computer. With easy to understand controls, you take the guesswork out of   which switch to turn on.


Climate Control

Climate Control

For the ultimate in home comfort, your heating and cooling systems are part of the integrated home climate control system. Manage the temperature of your home, even from a remote location… when you’re driving up to the cottage, signal the system to raise and lower the thermostat and window coverings. Programming allows you to control your interior climate based on parameters such as time of day, weather conditions and season.



Security System

Protect your family and property with a security system customized to your needs, while monitoring the activities in and around your home, even remotely, with CCTV. When you’re away from the home, you can create an “Away” mode that will make it seem to any potential intruders that the home is occupied, turning on and off lights, based on patterns developed over a period of hours, days or weeks. Your security system can recognize your vehicle when you’re coming home, lighting a path to your door, turning on the lights in the home and deactivating your security automatically. With the newest sensors and devices that are designed to literally disappear into the woodwork, your walls and ceilings remain uncluttered.