Entertaining Interiors provides the finest customer experience to our clients. In order to do so we have created our “Customer Service Process” a step-by-step plan which ensures every project goes according to plan, every customer is treated professionally, the project is completed on time, on budget and that our client ends up with exactly what they hoped for.

systems designs & engineering

System Design

A successful project requires proper design and engineering so that all phases of the project go smoothly, according to plan. In order to do so, we meet with you, and perhaps your design team (architect, designer, builder), in a “discovery” meeting, to get an understanding of your lifestyle, your habits, your likes and dislikes. By doing this we can design a system that fits seamlessly into your home, enhancing your life with simple to use, elegant electronic systems.

From this meeting we put together a basic budget proposal that outlines the systems on a room by room basis, covering all the areas discussed.
Once everything has been approved we move to the project management stage.


Project Management & Installation

System Installation

Upon approval we generate our documentation for the project, including equipment lists, drawings and other information required for pre-wire and installation. We then coordinate with the builder and subcontractors whose systems we will be integrating, such as HVAC, electrical, window coverings, etc. Once the details have been finalized, we prepare to wire your home.

Upon completion of the pre-wire we start preparation of the final installation of equipment, which generally happens just prior to occupancy. Electronic equipment is sensitive to drywall dust and other airborne contaminants. It’s important to work in a clean environment. The lifespan of your electronics can be severely shortened if dust gets inside it. We rack up the equipment at our office and test it out here prior to installation. By doing this we can minimize any unforeseen breakdowns of equipment on site.


System Programming

Proper programming is essential to your system’s proper operation, now and for years to come. You want to have systems that are easy to understand and operate, and don’t require a PhD to turn on a light.
Systems designed, engineered installed and programmed properly are intuitive to use. They enrich and enhance your lifestyle.

As you become more comfortable with your new system, inevitably you’ll want to make some minor changes, whether it’s changing your lighting scenes, adding new sound sources or adding a touch panel or two.

Service & Maintenance

System Maintenance

Just as your car needs regular tune ups, oil changes and service, your electronic systems need periodic maintenance in order to run at their peak performance. As part of your maintenance program we recommend a full inspection annually and with seasonal properties semi-annually. At this time we check the function of the systems, check for any faults, and make sure your remotes are functioning correctly, replacing any batteries and test security and life safety devices within the system.


Triple E Service

Triple E Service

After the first year, you’ll want to keep your systems running properly. By signing up to our EEE Service Agreement you get the benefit of reduced rates for service and regular maintenance. There is no upfront cost. It’s just an agreement to the fact that you will have us come in on a regular basis to maintain your equipment. As part of your ongoing commitment to service and maintenance we are able to provide our "No Compromise" guarantee. If at any time during the first year there are any problems with your systems or equipment, due to manufacturer defects or improper installation, we’ll come out and fix it. Period. In addition we will provide another 4 years of equipment warranty for all systems under our maintenance program.