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Entertaining Interiors is born of the idea that the consumer wants more from their integration contractor than a functioning system. Functionality is a given. Today’s consumer wants a product and a system that is easy to operate, aesthetically pleasing and designed with them in mind. Each lifestyle and business style is unique and the systems that we create need to reflect this uniqueness, not only in the operation but in the finished look.

A design centric approach represents the future of our industry. A well designed and integrated low voltage system represents the future of the modern home and the future of the modern business.

Our Products

Our products represent a cross section of mid to upper level quality. We are typically not early adopters and we promote products that are tested and proven within the industry. Many of the lines that we carry are not available over the counter at your local retailer. The reason for this is that the manufacturer controls this reference level product by distribution through custom installation and design houses insuring accurate and detailed installation by trained professionals.

Each product is programmed and calibrated for optimum performance and ease of use.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to design, engineer and install electronic systems that enhance the beauty of your home and lifestyle. Entertaining Interiors believes that home owners want more from smart home systems than something that just works. The systems we create must reflect each family’s unique style, not only in the operation but in the finished look.
Our philosophy is to provide products and create systems meant to enhance our customers' lifestyles and blend impeccably into their lives. The products should accentuate the décor, be simple and convenient to operate. We call this “Transparent Technology”.
We feel that a design engineering approach represents the future of our industry. A well designed low voltage system fits perfectly into your home.


Entertaining Interiors has been a professional contractor from the beginning. We are members of the leading industry associations, such as
• The Home Acoustic Alliance (HAA)
• Imaging Science Foundation (ISF)
• Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA).• Certified Professional Systems Designer – Brad Trew
• CEDIA level 1 Installer – Carl Gregory
Our staff receives regular safety training, and we carry all the necessary insurance and WSIB certification for jobsite requirements.